So my IMP stopped working after 4 days. I assumed it was a bad April board, so after arguing with an adafruit engineer for a week, I finally got a new board. Well today I inserted the IMP into the new april board and still it won’t come on. Has anybody else had this issue? Is it a bad imp?

No lights from the LED when plugged in via USB. I have swapped usb cables and plugs!

as I recall, the imps always blink one color or another when power is first put on them. so if you have used two different April boards with the same imp card and in both boards you see no LEDs at all it sure seems like you have a bad imp card.

Did you measure 3.3vdc on the april card?
If so, buy a new imp. That will answer your question.

Not a big fan of having to buy a new imp, especially seeing how the one I had only lasted 4 days…

Is there an expected amount of time that they are supposed to last before needing to be replaced? I assume longer than 4 days.

Email Hugo about it. They may send you a new one for free and request you return the bad one for evaluation. If there is a defect, they will want to dissect the one that failed.

I have an Imp that stopped working at some point. I blame myself, but I really don’t know. I spose I should pry the card apart.

Would like some info as to what else you had connected to the imp; if there’s an issue there (and there may well be, if the imp died) then the replacement will likely die of exactly the same cause.

Can you describe exactly how the imp was powered, and what you had wired to it?

Is your jumper covering the USB pins on the board, and not BATT?