Imp Speed

I am attempting to get an electric imp to talk to a DHT22 temp and humidity sensor but I am having difficulties with the timing.
I eventually wrote a basic test which toggled an output line and measured the speed with a scope and got a rate of about 35us between commands. This seems very slow to me, can someone tell me if this is normal.
I have also written a delay function which uses the hardware.micros() call but this seems to be even slower.

Can anyone provide any insight into the speed at which this system runs and what might slow it down?


This is normal. Squirrel is an interpreted language. You can make things faster by using local variables to speed up the lookups, see veryfast.nut here:

A bit-banging API which lets the system do critical timing stuff is on the wish list. Right now, the best option for humidity is to use either an analog or I2C sensor.