IMP shows connected in the IDE but doesn't respond back

Hi! I am getting a weird kind of error something that I didn’t find in the detailed blinkup guide. When I bootup my imp flashes a simple red, amber which immediately turns to green but after turning to green. It’s giving a long green followed by similar long amber followed by a quick green. I didn’t see this sequence anywhere. Further if I try to download a new code that also doesn’t work even though the IDE shows that device is connected. Also I’m getting no error message on my IDE?

I’m getting this same issue. I saw reports of an AWS outage that affected the electric imp ice yesterday. The recommendation was to do a physical power cycle on your imp device

Yeah. I guess that must be the reason. Because the exact same circuit containing the imp started working after an hour. But I’m interested in knowing what does sequence mean? This will help me if I encounter it again in the future.

It’s a connection, followed by a disconnection - which is then cycling. ie, it keeps successfully connecting to the server and getting booted off because the server was unwell at the time.

When did you see this, and what’s your mac address?