Imp Setup/Programming Issue?

Not sure if I’m missing something blatant or what is going on. Was able to get the IMP on to the wi-fi etc without issue, LED status is good (blinking green slow), but every time I go to I get redirected to the forums. Any ideas? Basically can’t see/program to the device. 

Hi Steve

I see that we sent you an email earlier this week with an access URL to the planner.  If you did not use this URL with the access code, please find that email and try to log in using this URL. 

Let me know and I can send you a new access code of necessary.


I am having the same issue of being redirected to the forums when trying to get to  I have searched my inbox and did not find an email with a URL to access the site.  Can you please send me a new one?

Same problem here.  I’ve just sent an email to the dev email address as well

Does this URL work for you?


Append this URL and add your invite code to the end, that will take you to the planner

zanderx’s instructions works for those who received only the access code (about 30+ folks).  The majority of you should have received a access URL that has the code in the URL so that when you click on the URL, you are taken to a sign up page that looks the same if you had used  The difference is in the result.  If you signed up with a code (whether previously embedded or you added it yourself), you will be given access to the Planner.  If you did not have a code (whether embedded or self-added), you are taken to the forum.