Imp restarted...Error recovery

Hi, I have a problem with my imp … I made a program but after a while my imp is restarted marking this bug … imp Restarted , reason : error recovery
please help me, i new in this !!! x.x

Here is the code I am implementing , make a connection by uart and read some data that is sent …

Code looks ok - is data being received from the arduino when the imp restarts?

not really, my imp restarts after some time, when i send data from arduino the imp receive all, but if no changes after 10 minutes the message appears Imp restarted --error recovery

I can’t replicate any issue here, which makes me wonder if it’s your wifi causing issues. If you just leave the imp online (with completely blank code, connected to nothing) does it still give this error?

I might of course be mistaken but is it not better to use a callback function instead of using ardui() as main routine in device code… as follows:

arduino.configure(1200, 8, PARITY_NONE, 1, NO_TX, ardui);

this frees up imp device to sleep / do whatever till the next time arduino sends data. Note if you use callback method not sure if you then need to change ardui function code slightly to get all arduino data.

Otherwise I’m rather curious to know your reasons for using a slow baud rate of 1200. I’ve always just used tried and tested 9600.

i used 1200 because i´m trying to connect an RF module… but now my problem is whhat can´t i make a check of my data…