Imp project Enclosure

The Arduino project enclosure that is available on Adafruit and Sparkfun is a nice design, but needs to be tweaked a bit to work really well with the Imp. I started mocking up a design in SketchUp to eventually be submitted to Shapeways for anyone to purchase. I wanted to post it and get some ideas, but here are the things I want to be available:

  • End caps for both the Card and Module
  • Standoffs for a readily available prototyping board
  • Large LiPo battery compartment
  • Halves available for multiple LCD/LED screens
  • Halves for an ePaper display

Micro-controller power supply still is a bit complicated question.
From my point there must be 2 enclosures - one for battery (may be including charging IC), other for feeding from mains (possibility to include some PCB SMPS).
Or enclosure for sensor imp (no display, smaller) and enclosure for main point (display, bigger, mains power supply or 9-12V DC input).
From experience - universal isn’t the best.

The Arduino enclosure that I am modeling it on is a nice size for a number of projects, it just needs to be modified to fit the Electric Imp nicely.