Imp production ready estimated dates?

I bought an imp pretty recently and trying to find out how far is it from production. I understand that this is under development as of now. Also for production there would be RF certifications required, is that correct? If so, do we know how long before it is before it is fully production ready .

I am a newbie to product development and integration. Please suggest if I am missing something here.

The hardware is complete and certified (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sell even developer versions!).

We have FCC (USA) and CE (EU) certifications and markings on our developer edition cards.

Non-developer edition cards are available either in a US/Canada variant (FCC and IC mark) and a Europe/Australia/New Zealand variant (CE/C-tick) - these also have different channel sets for each area (ch1-11 vs ch1-13).

We’re working on more certifications as required by our customers, and as many don’t require new logos to be marked on the cards, these may not require physically different cards.

We also completed SAR testing which allows the imp to be used body-worn in a host-independent fashion as long as the imp card is kept >=11mm from the skin (all surfaces).

Hi, any idea when non-developer edition cards would be available in Japan?

No Japan date as yet; if there’s demand we’ll do the approvals testing but right now no demand from Japan.

If you know otherwise let me know :slight_smile:

I’m not sure word about imp has spread far here yet. There’s a few blogs in japanese basically introducing the imp, text and images taken from your site. There would definitely be a demand if the word was spread. But without having at least the dev edition available here, it’s going to be hard to get people playing with them. SparkFun have japanese partners that might be worth approaching, switch-science is one.
I’ve got a client that wants wifi capability added to a solar heating controller system they have. The imp seems like the perfect solution for them and I’d like to go that route. But if you don’t plan on pushing imp here, I can’t persuade my client to go the imp route.
How much of a demand do you need before you would think about getting approvals pushed through?

I’ll PM you :slight_smile: