IMP Power Profile - Empirical Measurements

I thought people might be interested in understanding the imp’s power behavior in more detail and so I have profiled its power consumption in the various power modes that I am aware of and have attached a report.

I realize that things are only going to get better with time, so think of this as a snapshot of where things are today.

Nice work! We’re working hard on obsoleting your document, you’ll be glad to know :slight_smile:

Can I assume imp.setpowersave(true)
uses about 30-40ma since the radio uses 70ma and active is 100ma?

The average may be higher since it still needs to receive occasionally. The cost is reduced latency. Thanks for listening!

What if I do both at once?
setpowersave(true) and wake()
Then only a few millamps?
Is this possible?

imp.setpowersave(true) on a unit with no peripherals configured will idle down to about 7mA (it takes a few seconds to get there, though).