Imp pin 9 appears to be dead

Imp pin 9 appears to be dead

Pin 9 of my new relatively new imp (ordered Nov 2, 2015) appears to be dead the first time I tried to use it. Is there anything I can do about it and/or get a new one? I ordered it from Amazon but it’s no longer in stock there.

Here’s what happened: I tried to use a new I2C device ( MCP9808 ) on pins 8 and 9 but it didn’t work. After a lot of testing, I tried the I2C on pins 1 and 2 and it worked like a charm. Then I tried to blink an LED with each pin, and sure enough all the pins worked except pin 9, which would not do anything, using the same program and wiring as the other pins.

Is there anything I can do to fix the problem, or get a new imp ?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Interesting, what’s the mac address? Pin 9 is, very illogically, next to pin 1, which is usually the one with problems; pin 1 had issues with the PCB in the imp getting bent up slightly from the pressure exerted by the pin 9 contact, which is slightly inboard.

If you press down slightly on the top of the socket, does the LED flash when you’re trying pin 9? If so we can always send you another imp.

False alarm; it works now; sorry for the bother
I pushed on the imp as you suggested but no change. But I also reheated the solder joint between pin 9 of the April board and the header, and both the LED started blinking and the I2C also now works on pin 8/9. (I now have I2C running on pins 8/9 and onewire/uart running on pins 1/2 and everything seems to be working.) Thanks for your help; sorry again for the false alarm.

We have seen some dry joints on the sockets in the last batch… we do test them all before going out but they can be intermittent… looks like that’s what you ran into.