Imp Not Connecting After BlinkUp

I have been developing on the Imp for the past two weeks without connectivity issues. However, beginning yesterday, after I send my Wifi info to the Imp via BlinkUp, the Imp doesn’t seem to connect to the cloud. After receiving BlinkUp, for one minute, the Imp LED goes through an undocumented cycle: 3 slow green flashes, then two fast red flashes. This cycle repeats for about one minute. I have tried configuring BlinkUp with different networks (all of which I was previously able to connect with), but no luck. The Imp does not seem to register with the server at all, as it is unrecognized in the IDE log and does not download any new code. Any idea what is causing this?

It sounds like you’re running into a run time error in your code:

The green flashes indicate that the imp has connected to the server, the red flashes are it encountering a run time error and restarting.

Check the “logs” window in the IDE, and see if there is any red text (red text indicates the imp encountered a run time error).

Thanks for the quick response. The logs do not show any record of errors. In fact, the logs do not even show that the Imp has been booted, configured, and has downloaded new code (i.e. no gray text). The agent code that I’ve set up seems to run fine.

The reason why I think this is a hardware issue is that I can run the same code I’m trying to run now on another Imp without problems. This same code was also working fine on the Imp I’m currently having trouble with as recently as last Friday. So, I believe this is a hardware issue with this one particular Imp.

Can you send me the MAC address of the imp that’s not responding… we’ll take a look and see if we can find anything.

Sure, the MAC address is 0c2a690029bb.

Thanks, we’ll dig into this and get back to you.

@andrewvaslas if you’re not seeing any gray text in the log window at all, you have not entered the editor through the “edit” button on the device’s “blob”. This is editing code independent of the device, hence there are no logs to show (eg: you’ve gone via the code tab)

I looked in the logs; it seems like you have changed your password since you last logged into the blinkup app, hence the server is rejecting your login. This doesn’t give much feedback right now I’m afraid.

The fix is to log out of the blinkup app and log in again with your new password, then blinkup the device. Things should then work fine.

Thanks, Hugo, that solved it!

Hi there, I just wanted to add that I ran into the same problem. BlinkUp would be recognized, but the Imp would flash repeated cycles 4 greens followed by about 12 fast reds afterwards. Logging out of the app on my phone and back in (even though I hadn’t changed my password) seemed to fix it. Oddly it connected once before doing that, but only once. A bit of a mystery.

Hmm, ok that’s strange - I’ve never heard of this being an issue without a password change having been involved…