Imp not blinking

I have 3 imps. Of the 3 2 have quit blinking when applying power. I have been trying to get them to blink up. I resorted to a new April board and using the USB. What do I do now?

Can you give any more details? Possible that these imps got subjected to overvoltage/reverse voltage on power or any of the I/Os? That will fry them…

No on the voltage. Here are the 3 mac addresses I have: 0c2a69004545,0ca69002209, 0c2a69004121. I purchased them over a year ago, due to some medical problem I had to put them away. I had one working back them. I tried to connect to the home network which uses an xfinity modem. In sending the blinkup form my iPhone 5S, I get the green, red, green error. I kept doing it and 2 stopped working. I then bought them to the office this morning and 2 still don’t work and the other one gets the same error message. Here at the office I am using a Cisco router… Needless to say I am extremely frustrated.

What do I do???

I can see 4121 online and blinked up to your plan, so you appear to have got that one working earlier today.

You should contact your supplier if you have issues with the other two, though >1 year is out of warranty.