Imp Module

Is there such a thing as a Developer version of the Imp Module (the version that solders directly to a PCB)? Maybe I missed it, but I can’t seem to locate where to get some. I see the footprint design, but it would be nice to have a few for prototyping on our Impee platform. I have had a couple of the SD Card versions get erratic pin connections where pushing them slightly with my finger gets them working again. Not a good thing when out in the field.

There was already a discussion concerning imp modul where Hugo answered a few question.
You should take a look to the discussion imp-002 solder-down module

Hopefully this will answer you questions as well.

If you’re seeing intermittent connection to an imp card, the issue is almost certainly related to the socket. The imp has hard-gold plated contacts and is very reliable when used with a good socket in our experience.

…but yes, a module avoids this totally!

@kleiner thanks for the discussion link, it was informative and I posted a comment.
@Hugo - I agree, I am sure it is the socket. A bit of rough handling punching the card in and out during prototyping seems to weaken the internal clips. That being said, when these things go out in the field, it is hard to control how they are used/abused. More than likely we will go with a soldered down version.