IMP looses connection when switching between programs

I’ve noticed this a bit since the new firmware. When I switch between programs on the planner the IMP looses connection (Flash fast red blink) then comes back online with the program I told it to switch to.

For example:

Say my April is on a simple Hello World I then tell it to load the Blink-O-Matic. It takes about 5 seconds from flashing green, then flashes red and comes back online with the Blink-O-Matic

Anyone having this issue?

I experience this as well, but I’m not sure it’s an issue, but maybe how it works. I think of it as the entire thing has to reboot when getting new firmware - but I may be wrong.

When making code updates I have to change the firmware to another then change back to get code updates to apply. I usually use “Hello World” because it Applys fast.  I wish the would add an “Push Update” button on the Firmware selector.

I don’t remember when I first started working with the IMP if it did or not always. If i remember right when I used to test my code out I’d switch between programs pretty fast to upload the new code changes. Maybe I’m wrong.

@ zanderx - I think it’s always taken a few seconds for the imp to switch to running a new program although I, too, had expected it to just switch without needing to connect and disconnect to do this.  I’ve logged a bug.

@ SouthPaw - You should be able to run the program with changes without needing to switch to another one and then back.  That being said, I was able to reproduce this so I’ll log a bug.


@ SouthPaw - Odd!  Now I can’t reproduce the problem.  I’m editing programs and running them and my Hannah runs new program immediately.  No need to switch to “Hello World” or another program.  I wonder if it matters if you leave a program running for a while…I’ll keep trying.

I have been playing with Temp to learn Squirrel. I added a constant to correct temp.

I have Temp Running. I go to code and change the constant, save code. I go back to planner.
I look at imp and updated firmware is not flashed to the IMP.
To get the firmware to update on IMP I need to change to a different firmware then change back to Temp.

The code won’t be sent to the imp until you press the upload button (next to the save button).

If this is grayed out then you didn’t get to the code editor through the icon; on the planner, click the “tool” icon in the top right of the impee’s blue box. From there, click “edit”. You should see the upload button to the right of save, and it should be clickable.

This is the way to run modified code. Just saving it means that it’ll be picked up on the next device reboot, but an update won’t be forced.

It’s not losing the connection; as jwjames suggests, it’s more like the imp is “rebooting”. It’s not a real hardware reboot, but it is going right back to the beginning of the Squirrel loading process. It’d be easy to remove the red flash from the “reloading Squirrel on demand” path, but then that would leave no feedback at all that the imp is actually doing something – which I’m not sure would be better?