Imp is flashing green, but doesn't show up in the planner

Not really sure what I’m doing wrong, I see it grabbing an IP address from my router, it’s flashing green (semi-slowly, it’s more of a flash-flash, pause, flash-flash pause) yet it doesn’t show up in the planner. I’ve reset it using the iPhone app and tried configuring it again with no change in symptoms. Searched around a bit and still didn’t find anything that seems related.

Using sparkfuns imp shield connected to an arduino leonardo
I’ve tried using different web browsers (Chrome & FF)

Any ideas?

Well now it’s solid green and my bandwidth report shows it downloaded ~2.9MB so maybe that was it downloading the update? How long should it take to update now that it has downloaded it?

If you were seeing a short-long green blink, then a solid blink, then that’s a firmware update. Should have only downloaded about 1MB though.

If it’s got stuck you can unplug and replug it - we’ve heard reports of this but not been able to replicate. It should retry the update. Update, bandwidth permitting, generally takes under a minute and sometimes much less.

Had some dinner, came back and now it shows up! Probably watched it do the solid green thing for about 5 minutes before it did anything. When it was flashing I unplugged it a few times (thought it was connected to the cloud but not working) so maybe that’s why it downloaded the firmware a few times? Either way, looks like things are going, thanks!

The imp recovers from aborted firmware updates so there’s never a totally unsafe moment to unplug :slight_smile:

The flashing phase is where it verifies the signature on the firmware before it starts the upgrade. Solid is the actual update.