Imp goes solid green, not responding

we’ve had the imp stop responding and the LED go solid green a couple of times. first was round the last firmware update and i didn’t think much of it, just ejected the imp and placed it back it and we were back in business. happened again in the last couple of days and required the same removal to get it back to life. 

any insight or particular action we should take when this happens to help diagnose the problem?

The LED does go solid green during the FW update; that’s actually the update process. How long did you leave it before ejecting?

Assuming it wasn’t an update (you’re now on the latest version), we’ve not seen this before, can you give any insight as to what you were doing when this happened?

It was in this state at overnight, at least. We had not had any activity with the imp for at least a few days prior to that as I recall. Nothing special done to the imp, no special s/w loaded, just using the simple planner interface to push relay changes to it via URL … but none of that when it went solid.

Strange; we have not enabled the watchdog timer on the device yet, which would generally catch hangs like this. As an experiment, if you left it running with the default blank firmware (imp.unboundsq), does it still happen?

My suspicion, if it does happen again, is that there is something unique about your network environment that we need to track down…

Will do – probably go back to the blank firmware when we have a stretch of down time with the imp, since the issue took a while to show up I’m guessing it may need to sit idle a while to reproduce.

I’ve experienced a full-on green LED, and it was when I configured a pin to be DIGITAL_IN with a callback - for example:

hardware.pin1.configure(DIGITAL_IN, CheckForData);

Now, the pin I was connecting to may have been going crazy - which I could understand it locking up. But without an extensive set of tools (oscilloscope, etc.) I can only guess. Once I commented that out, it was fine.

Do you have anything like that in your code?

nothing remotely like that. using the stock jane.default load in the imp with stock HTTP IN setup to each relay on the jane, nothing special at all within the imp universe.

just keeping notes on status. the IMP went solid green again on the 19th running the default jane firmware. just switched it back to the blank firmware now.