Imp Frozen

Hi all,

I have my Electric imp for about 7 months and this week started giving problems.
This time I put it in sleep mode with the code:

`imp.onidle(function() {
//server.log(“Inactive 30 minutes”);


Where it can be woken up by an interrupt.
The problem is: the moment you will wake gets jammed up with the lit orange light as it is in the photo.

Can anyone help me?

Sounds a little like a power issue. In the picture you have VBAT wires and USB, though the jumper is set to USB. Does it have problems waking on both supply selections?

What’s the mac address?

Thanks Hugo.

My mac address is 0c2a69000b04.
After charging the battery fully it works, with USB is not working.
Strange, maybe cable is damaged.

Some USB cables (and USB power supplies) are worse than others. The jumper pins could also be not making good contact.