Imp freeze randomly

My imp freeze randomly every 2 or 3 days and i need to cold reboot it.

i only push every 5 second some data through an http post request and
the only data that it read are temperature and current obtained from two simple sensor.

there’s a way for debug what cause the imp crash

Interesting, not had any reports of this type of things for a long while now.

How is the imp powered, and what board is it in? If you do imp.enableblinkup(true) to force the LED on all the time, what state is the LED in when it drops offline?

We find the problem!! our code catch RETURN_ON_ERROR but fail on the re-connect function…now solved!

At the moment we have another big problem…we are connecting arduino with imp trough nrf24l01 but it doesn’t work!
Can someone help us?
We use the library find on this forum but nothing!