Imp enabled accent lighting - and yet another FET question

My meter of RGB LED strip lighting arrived from Adafruit this week, and I decided to install it in my fireplace alcove. Powered by an Amber board and a 12V supply. (I knew there was a reason I could never throw away old power inverters.) I am using the new Color Picker app on Pitchfork to handle the color and brightness. (Might have to go green or red for the holidays.)

@Tom Adafruit recommended this MOSFET for powering the LED strips, so I picked a few up from Digikey since the TO-220 package is easy to use.

I am using the PWM configuration from the Quinn device code. Should I have any other components in the circuit? I just have pins 1,2,5 connected to the FET gates. I noticed you have some resistors on the Quinn board.

The resistors are to ensure the FETs turn off when the imp isn’t driving the gates.