Imp does not connect after blinkup

After Blinkup I get a short Green flash then Orange, Red, Off flash and then the imp goes to fast red flash and never changes from there. The imp never shows up in the planner.

Can you give more details like the mac address? Did it work previously, or is this your first imp?

Yes this is my first attempts and first Imp(s). I purchased them some time ago during early release. The project was back-burnered until now. I have two imps and both are doing the same thing. I have a (1) hannah and and (2) aprils and (2) imps.
mac addresses:

  1. 0c:2a:69:00:01:75
  2. 0c:2a:69:00:00:90

Also, I have tried on three different wifi networks with the same results. Thanks!

Ooo wow. Ok, yeah, try again now. The very very very original imps made talked to a different server on their very first boot, before being upgraded to talk to the normal servers.

The old server had fallen off the DNS server migration a few weeks ago, which I’ve now fixed.

Recently received a Electronic imp and a imp shield from Sparkfun. When I power up the imp it flasher several green blinks and the many red blinks. Used a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a Acer Iconia Tab 100 to do the blinkup. The mac address is
0c2a69000a02. I have a Verizon Action MI424 WR Rev router. I am using the SSID and pin number which I use when connecting to WIFI devices. Thanks for the help.