Imp devices auto software update

Hi…is possible that when i modify a Model, all the devices linked to this model auto update their own code?

This isn’t possible in the IDE; you need to select each device and do “build & run”.

Commercial customers get deployment tools that do exactly this, though.

How many device i can register in my IDE simultaneously?

There is no limit.

Hi Hugo…i’m writing to Paul Evans because we had a big problem.
When last year we start our project we don’t know nothing about the terms and restriction about commercial use of the imp devices.
Last month we buy 100pcs directly from Paul (never used).
Yesterday we know the rules about commercial uses…but we are too small for this kind of rules. So we decide to abandon the project.
Now we ask to Paul to get back the 100pcs of imp01 to limitate the economic damage of our society (we can’t use they).
Please try to help us…we know that we are in a difficult position so we hope you can understand our situation.
Tnx much

Not sure what to say here; the terms and conditions when you sign up to a developer account pretty clearly specify that the free service is not for commercial use, just for development.

What terms/restrictions are a problem for your project?

Yes but there are no specification about commercial conditions.
I don’t know what is the problem for you to get an order of 100pcs back…
We aren’t able to use the devices but you can resell they immediately…