Imp dead straight from the package

I have 2 Developer edition imps and a pair of breakout boards from Sparkfun. The first imp i tried to Blink up with at least 20 times and it just does 4 quick red flashes and then blink red for a while then quits blinking all together. Very frustrated i tried the second Imp and the blink up took on the first try and was connected to WiFi a few seconds later. I tried the “Dead” board in both breakout boards with no success and the good imp works in both boards so i have ruled those out.

I noticed that on the first imp that does not work it blinks red and red only. on the second imp it blinks orange/red/green. Is the first imp just dead? is there a way to revive it and if not what are my options?

Any Help is greatly Appreciated.


I don’t believe it’s dead, the behavior is just consistent with the imp not getting the wifi details from blinkup. Stopping blinking red after a minute is normal behavior; it’s just giving up for 9 minutes (in case it’s battery powered and your wifi is down).

It sounds like the blinkup didn’t work on the first imp. At the end of the blinkup you should see a brief green flash - if you didn’t get this then the imp didn’t receive the data and hence can’t connect to wifi.

Tom will be posting a video of correct blinkup technique later today… what device are you using to do the blinkup?

I just got my imp and breakout board. But after I inserted the imp and connected the USB, I didn’t see any LED light on. Did I do something wrong or the imp is just dead?


Did you buy it from sparkfun? See the note on their website (and on our getting started guide) - they don’t supply a header or jumper with their devboard and hence you need to short the USB and center pins of the power input selector to get their board to power up…

Hugo…I saw in your note that there is a video to address the imp not getting the wifi details from blink-up. Where can I find that. I have a similar problem in that I flashed my imp but it only flashes back red for 1 min before going dark. I am using a Linksys E2000 router. In entered the proper SSID but no luck. Also, I don’t seem to get any recognition from the imp when I try to re-run the flash-up (is there some special step I have to do to re-flash the imp?).

This video shows correct technique:

…what phone are you using to blinkup the imp? You should see a short green blink right at the end of the blinkup flashing; if you don’t see this, it didn’t receive the data without errors.

If you’re using an android phone and having problems, I can email you the APK for a version with half-speed mode which is much more reliable. This will fairly soon go into the google play store.

I’ve sent you the half-speed APK. Let us know how things go.

Yeah for whatever reason its still not working on just this one imp that i have. The second imp i have is working great, If you could shoot me that apk for half speed blinkup that would be great. And i can give that a shot and see how it works. Thanks!

Well using the half speed apk. i was able to get it working. Not straight away but after some pattern of clearing and programming it finally started working… Thanks so much for the help :)>-

I am having the same issue as victorx. Bought an Imp and a breakout board from Sparkfun. I have added the jumper to the board so I should get power. Is there something else I am missing?

As in no lights on the imp? A bit more detail would help - which way is the jumper stuffed, what are you using for power, does the card click into place ok?

Do you have a multimeter to check the power is on? I don’t know if sparkfun test their boards before they ship them (I’ve had issues with bad solder joints on their boards before now).


Sorry for the vague description.

I get no lights at all from the imp. I’m using USB power and I know the board is getting power because I have connected an RFID reader to the 3v pin and gotten a green light (indicating its getting power). I have placed a jumper on the USB pin to short as directed.

At the moment I’ve gone on travel, but as soon as I get back I’ll put it to a multimeter to see what I can find.

Hugo -

I tested the board and it’s working fine. I also ordered two other Imps from Sparkfun and found them working well with the board so it does seem to be an issue with the Imp. I have contacted Sparkfun and they are going to issue a replacement.