Imp connects, then blinks red at 2Hz


I have an imp connected to an April breakout board. After a successful blinkup, the card blinks red/orange and then appears to connect into the cloud after registering through DHCP. Immediately afterwards the card starts blinking red at 2Hz. This was happening a lot yesterday so I took a break.

Today I power up the Imp, it connects, then blinks green at 0.5Hz for a long time. The Imp never shows up in the list. I eject and re-insert the imp. The behavior from yesterday repeats itself. The card just sits there blinking red quickly. It never shows up in my list of imps online. I tried my second imp. Same behavior.

Any ideas?


FYI here are the MAC addresses

imp #1 mac: 34:C0:59:8F:30:73
imp #2 mac: 0C:2A:69:00:00:D2

fyi, this got sorted. The imps were some of the very first made and the old server that they talked to when they were fresh out of packaging needed a kick. Thought all those had upgraded by now!