Imp.configure command is deprecated

Has not run this for a while, seems to work, but have the Device highlighted in the log (imp.configure command is deprecated), is this ok?

2015-05-15 16:12:21 UTC+12 [Status] Device connected
2015-05-15 16:12:21 UTC+12 [Device] imp.configure command is deprecated
2015-05-15 16:12:21 UTC+12 [Device] Hardware Configured
2015-05-15 16:12:21 UTC+12 [Device] Servo moved to 0.50, duty cycle=0.075
2015-05-15 16:12:23 UTC+12 [Device] 0
2015-05-15 16:12:23 UTC+12 [Device] Servo moved to 0.50, duty cycle=0.075


Just remove the line - it’s not needed any more!

Thanks Hugo, its probably been covered before and I know that the Device should always the latest O/S when its on line; where in the IDE or anywhere can one find the Device O/S version of one’s imp (just for reassurance)?