IMP boots after every BlinkUp

I’ve got two different imp002 modules: an US and an EU version.

I’ve realized that the second one boots after every Blinkup, even if it is already connected. While with the other, sending a BlinkUp doesn’t make it reboot.

Could it be related with the version?
What else could be happening?

At blinkup every device will reboot the squirrel code; it may have changed account and hence may have different software associated with it.

What makes you think the reboot isn’t happening on one of the units?

Well, my program has a routine that is executed every time it boots and it doesn’t do it.

Besides that, I can’t see neither the log that would indicate that the device is booting.

But, I think I have found out why is happening…Its just that the imp is not catching the BlinkUp.

It takes a lot to change configuration when it has connected successfully, so probably its not related with the Imp.

Anyway, good to know that imp reboots with every blinkUp.