Imp & April

Is it necessary to re-blinkup an Imp that has been already paired to an April board in order to get it to work with a new one? I moved my Imp to a spare April but it doesn’t register as a "Unassigned Device"

imp001 cards can be swapped between Aprils with no need to re-BlinkUp - unless you need to change the WiFi configuration they have stored.

I just swapped cards between two entirely separate projects without any need to do anything: each imp detects what device it’s in and gets the correct model code.

Remember, the devices in the IDE are the Aprils, not the imps. Device = imp + imp-connected hardware.

That may seem counter-intuitive, but since it’s the whole shebang you’re working with, not the imp card or module per se, it actually makes a lot of sense. In other words, always think of the project holistically, not as an imp that happens to be connected to some stuff.

Thank you smittytone.

I tried with another Imp, but still the new April is not discovered in the IDE

I have experienced something similar, where the new April only appeared after I reloaded the IDE …

Think I got it to work. Thanks for the comments!