Imp after BlinkUp setup, don't appear into Ide

After an setup with BlinkUp, the Imp don’t appear in my Ide Developing Code Why ?

The Imp flashing green but not appear into device list.

Can you give any more info, like mac address of imp and what it’s plugged into?

Now is Ok. After a logon e new login the Imp appear into the Device List and work fine. All is ok. Thanks
Probabily not appear immediately beacause an firmware upgrade was working in backgroud.

I am facing the same problem too. IDE does not show any connected device. I have blink up quirky pivot and there was green light flashing on the pivot but it stop flashing after about 30 seconds. The IC is 4491A-IMP002, please help.

The quirky pivot power is a commercial device and will not appear in the IDE, sorry.

Only developer devices will appear there.

I see, how do I control the quirky pivot power?

I found it finally, it need to use WINK app. Thanks