Imp 002 just flashing red

My imp 002 had been working fine, but this afternoon it just continually flashes red, as if it’s trying to connect.
The device also refuses to clear its settings / update using blink up anymore… any ideas? Is there a way to force-reset it?

Ok, totally unexplainable… after messing with this for about an hour, I tried switching my breadboard power supply from 3.3v to 5v and then it started up. It still works after switching it back down to 3.3v. Strange… the 9V battery I’m using is brand new…

What power does the imp get here? (ie, what’s between your breadboard power input and the imp)

The output from the breadboard power supply (DF robot) just went straight into the imp, with no other load connected other than the imp.

I had the power supply set to output 3.3v (which had been working beautifully for the past few days), but no longer. If I set it to 5v, it works great, if I set it to 3.3v, it just flashes red endlessly.

Btw I’m using an Aria impee ( which should be able to regulate the 5v to something appropriate for the imp.

Yeah, feeding 3.3v into an aria is not recommended, especially on a devboard. The aria power supply is intended to take 3.6v or above and provide a solid regulated 3.3. The devboard will be adding impedance which means during current peaks more voltage will be lost.

5v is a good level to be using there.

Makes sense, I’ll try to read the specs on the impee more closely next time. Thanks for chiming in.

Thanks for posting about this… I’ll update the Aria page to include more recommended information. It is for this very reason that the C3V0 board uses a 3V0 regulator and not 3.3V. The voltage on LiPo batteries falls as they discharge, so in order to get maximum battery life, the power rail is set at 3V0. The imp can actually run at lower voltages, but we assume you will likely be powering other things with the board as well.