IMP-001 vs IMP-002

Found something interesting when comparing the two modules. The API call “hardware.voltage()” returns a different value depending if a card, or module is being used.

IMP-001 reports around 3.3 volts which is in line with what the documentations says it should be.

IMP-002 reports anywhere from 1.21 - 2.15 volts depending on when it’s sampled. Module otherwise appears to be operating correctly with no issues. Voltmeter check confirms that 3.3v is being supplied to the module.

Is the hardware inside the pluggable card and the solder-down module the same?

Sounds like you don’t have the VREF pin connected to your supply on the imp002?

The hardware is the same.

That was it! Connecting Vref to +3.3V solved the mystery. Thank you Hugo!