I'm in the UK - where can I get an Impee Nora?

I cannot seem to find a vendor willing to ship a Nora kit to the UK (the amazon.com outlet does not ship here, annoyingly).

Does anyone know how I can get one? I think this device would be ideal for a greenhouse atmosphere monitor and it would save me a lot of soldering!

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do about the Amazon refusal to ship overseas - we’ve had requests from the UK and from Australia to activate overseas shipping, but it’s an Amazon thing, not something we have a say in.

A kind forum member in the UK has sold me his Nora, thanks DrJack.

I’m really looking forward to this project now - it’s going to be a weather logging device that operates on batteries in a remote location all year round, with temperature, pressure, ambient light and humidity sensors. Then I’m going to have it upload data to thingspeak so that other people can use the data too. I might even create an IFTTT “recipe” that sends alerts to my phone when the weather gets too hot or cold.

Your “remote location” has WiFi?

Weirdly, yes. :slight_smile: