IDE v1.6.3 Release Notes

1.6.3 Now live

We’ve just updated the Electric Imp IDE and Ops Console with a couple of new features, and a number of fixes to address a small number of minor issues experienced by some users. Here are the details:

Version 1.6.3

Bug Fixes

  • Developers accessing the IDE using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or earlier now receive a warning: the browser is not fully compatible with the IDE. We recommend users on Windows-based machines migrate to Firefox ( or Google Chrome ( for the best IDE experience.
  • Mac users accessing the IDE and Ops Console through either the Google Chrome or Safari browsers will be able to once again use the Light theme without experiencing incorrect cursor placement. This was enabled through a change of font: from Monaco to Menlo.
  • The Logout option in the user menu in the top left corner of the Ops Console view now correctly logs the user out when it is selected.

New Features

  • The Ops Console conveniently re-arranges the listing of factory imps into a multi-column grid to make it easier to locate and access the specific imp you are working with.
  • The Ops Console has been tweaked to present the correct Electric Imp terminology: ‘Blessing’ in place of ‘Enrollment’, and ‘Activation’ rather than ‘Registration’.

It looks like scroll bars have disappeared in the update? Issue in Chrome/Safari on OS 10.9.2 and Windows XP.

Thanks, looking into it. That was not a new feature.

New look is much easier to read… good stuff.

Nice, but scrollbars gone is not really handy with a 10000+ lines agent program :slight_smile:

We just released v1.6.4 which added back scrollbars.