IDE Update

We just pushed an update to the IDE (bug fixes only). If your logs disappear, you simply need to refresh your browser.

If you encounter Debugging Hippos, or other issues, please let us know in this thread.


now i need to resize the browser-window to see the full log.

This happens after loading or refreshing the page.

before resize:

after resize:

Thanks for the report! A quick discussion around here seems to indicate this was a known issue before the push.

I’ll make sure this gets added to our backlog.

After 19:00 GMT +1 no communication with
Logs work.

@DolfTraanberg - can you provide any more information (either here, or through a PM).

  • DeviceID / agent URL?
  • What does no communication with mean (is it agent -> web service, or web service -> agent)
  • Can you hit your agent’s URL / Can you agent make web requests elsewhere?
  • Are you seeing any errors in your log?
  • Are any of your other agents affected?

Cursor position is screwed up, was only in Safari now both Chrome (1 position) & Safari (2 positions)
Using Mac OSX latest all

Command-F for find not working any more Chrome/OSX…

@ammaree - I saw and reported the cursor off by 1 position this morning.

I can’t replicate cmd-f not working on Chrome/OSX (nor can anyone else in the office right now. Can you provide any more details? Does refreshing help?)

I somehow brought up a more extensive set of settings for the editor, was this added in the update?

Nevermind, its part of the default Ace editor shortcuts


refresh did not help, but did a logout, close Chrome and restart, that fixed it…

@kgleeson - No, that has always been there.

We use ACE Editor - which has about 100 shortcuts, one of which is “cmd ,”

“cmd ,” opens up a bit ACE Editor settings menu… we haven’t extensively tested how those settings play with our IDE specifically. We have exposed a couple of them through the IDE settings which you can access by clicking on the gear in the top right hand corner of the IDE.