IDE stopped displaying any log messages

Hi there

just been working on getting the Thermal Printer up and running using an Electric Imp, and connecting to it and trying to send images to it via Python.

Sadly, for some reason my IDE has stopped printing any device or agent logs. I was using Chrome, I’ve closed all my chrome sessions and switched over to Firefox. Of course, restarted the Imp too, but even if it was the Imp, the agent on the server should still be logging, but it’s silent too. :S I know the agent/device are running thanks to the output I’m getting from the printer itself and the rest of the IDE seems to be working fine.

Any chance of a fix for it please? Trying to get my head around sending bmp files as JSON requests has ground to a halt now I can’t check what the server (or the Imp) is getting :frowning:


When you view your IDE, you’re seeing the agent code and device code for the imp, but you are not viewing that actual “running imp”. You have to select it from the dropdown thing that says …

MODELNAME Build 12 / Devices

(whatever your model name is and build number)

Pick the device and then you’ll see the running imp w/log

Thanks for the reply, but it isn’t that, I have the device selected, there just really isn’t the log being populated (device offline as I switched it off overnight)
Screenshot attached.

And now it’s just started populating the logs again - thanks if someone’s done something on the backend!

For the record, this is a real issue. It first occurred to me last week (~Jan 27 & 28) after I had been using your IDE for several months. After a day and a half of believing it was my code and rewriting it, I noticed my changes were not being saved only occasionally. I was getting errors on statements that had been deleted hours ago. I cleared the cache from my Firefox browser and was immediately introduced to the new IDE. So I attributed it to the IDE changeover.

Few probIems since then. But today it is happening again. Neither CTRL-S to save nor “Build and Run” seem to change the code. It shows properly in the IDE even after clearing cache, a browser restart and a computer restart. The code still runs on it’s wakeup schedule. But I still get errors on statements deleted many “saves” ago.

Sorry for the length. Hopefully this detail helps the developers of this magnificent tool.

Update: After about half an hour the problem corrected itself. I have no problem waiting and switching to other work. But I am curious to know what’s happening. Anybody else experiencing this or something similar?

We’re not changing anything on the server-side; I’ve not had any issues using chrome, but it’s possible there are strange things happening with firefox. What version/platform?