IDE quirk!

After selecting any of the buttons ‘Check’ ‘Run’ … pressing delete causes some odd things to happen? Perhaps the focus should be returned to the last active pane.

Can we have function key mapping to Check and Run please. I am used to F5 and F7.

This has not been addressed as of the week starting 02/04/2013 Have just lost edits again :-(.

Here is the problem, make changes to code. Run code. Errors! Click ‘Delete’ on keyboard previos edits lost!

Can we please update this to urgent?

We had added this to our to-fix list last week but are looking into moving this up our list (shouldn’t be a problem as long as we don’t run into any unforeseen tech issues/problems). Will keep you posted.

In the new IDE, my agent and device code I can check and compile. When click on Run, nothing happens. Also my deploy and undo buttons are grayed out.

Any ideas what is the issue?

Thanks for your response.


This sounds like the device you’re editing isn’t online.

Both the imp’s are stuck, one does not show any led when powered up and the other has a red light solid, re-blinking does not work neither does inserting and re-inserting the SD cards

So yes, neither device is online. Sounds like you have a hardware problem with your device. Do the cards work in an april?

As a followup to @nigelibrown - right now there is no warning of unsaved changes to code if you click on a different model on the left making it quite easy to lose code changes. There should really be some kind of popup warning a user of what’s about to happen and if they want to proceed.