IDE improvements

I’d like a way of editing models that are presently not assigned (or at least listing their code). Also a way to unassign an Imp/model association without deleting anything.

I think they are working on this. It’s on everyone’s wish-list for Christmas this year.

Thats exactly what I’m trying to do.
How do I introduce a new model to the code view.
Currently it says "There is nothing to see yet! Click on a device to start editing."
I have 4 IMP001 running, and 1 IMP002 - and all I can do is click on a model and then a device under it.
Possibly there could always be a basic framework under “Inactive models” and then an ability to copy them.
Really appreciate the simplicity of the IDE interface
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but how extensible is it going to be.
Currently, for a model under Inactive Models, I can click on the model, rename it, but I can’t see what the code is insde the inactive model.

Seems like to make this work I have to backup manually a current model, copy and past to a file on disk, change its name to something new then add the new code. In the process I’m loosing a working model.
I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to figure out if I’m missing something, so its pretty unproductive.

You aren’t. The easiest thing to do at the moment is have an Imp that you don’t mind loading an inactive model to, so that you can copy/modify code.