IDE coding interface

Currently, when I edit code on the IDE, the cursor is not aligned with the text. I have to guess how many spaces to the right I must put it, to edit the desired text. I am using safari on a mac. I would like to please request the editor in IDE to have a cursor that is aligned with the text that it writes and deletes.


Are you at 100% zoom level?

maybe another computer and an other browser??? :slight_smile:

This has been discussed many times on here (although there has been no official response). This is a bug with the editor used in the IDE and Safari on Mavericks. You can tweak Safari or use another browser to work around the bug, but eventually the IDE needs to update to the latest ACE Editor or take just this specific patch.

I believe:

defaults write -bool NO

(and relaunch Safari) should fix this, but it will make your other experiences less then ideal.