IDE code switch


I have had a situation where the IDE somehow has copied the IMP and Agent code between Models without me knowing about it.

At 09:36 this morning my time, while looking into why one of my Impee’s wasn’t talking back to base, the IDE seemed to get a little confused, it was throwing 404’s and no ‘HTTP Handler’ (or something) messages.

I have now noticed a few hours later that the code (agent and IMP) from a completely different model has copied across models. This is a real problem as the hardware is different, luckily the direction the change won’t have damaged anything, back the other way may have been a different story as this IMP controls power to some devices.

How do I get my old code back, it seems to have gone completely, can I pull back an old version??.

The model is called ‘Home’ and the Impee was using the ‘Front gate IMPEE’ code. It’s now running code from the ‘Woodford Tank BM’ model…

How did this happen? And how do I get my code back for the Front Gate IMPEE?.


Following up on email to get more details…