IDE button "Build and Run" stop acting

IDE don’t work well with Safari, so I use Firefox for code editing. Regardless of browser IDE button “build and Run” don’t act as before - no new code download, no server log about configuration.
It is possible to make some kind ow download after power up, but still no info about imp configuration. Agent stop working too.
May be I need to change imp…

That’s a bit strange. If you power cycle the imp does it work ok? Agents are backend and should be totally unrelated to the IDE (apart from setting new code and viewing logging)

Power cycle download new code but I cannot use mentioned button to download new code. I have changed imp - the same.

Have you physically disconnected and reconnected your Imp? If you have loaded really bad code onto the Imp, it is very possible to lock it up and make it seem like it isn’t responding. Ooops. Looks like several of us were responding at the same time.

CHeck your code, It is very possible that you having code that is making the Imp unresponsive. I’ve seen this happen a few times. If a function is constantly looping the Imp will never have a chance to talk to the agent.

@jwehr - yes I have disconnect reconnect etc. When I try to upload new code - imm goes offline, the come back online, code isn’t changed. I can change code only via power cycle.
Interesting thing - the button works an hour ago ok.

And code is the same - just some change in ADC readings processing. And these changes I see in server log.

just for a sanity check, make some code with just an Imp.configure statement, and see if you can load that with Build and Run. That way you know nothing else is actually going on. Every time I have seen an Imp not load code on Build and Run, it was because I had bad code running somewhere, and by bad, I mean the Imp was in a constant loop and couldn’t talk to the agent.

@jwehr - yes, it can be: I have tested just now with another code and it work as it must be. May be due to editing in Safari I can make some fault in code…

Using server.log() is one of the best debugging tools you have with the Imp. Try logging things here and there, and you might be able to see what is causing the Imp to loop.

Yes - fault in to the code…