Ide 1.8.0

We released a new version of IDE today with a couple of improvements:

  1. A “New Model” button to make creating new models easier than ever! Click the “New Model” button, enter a model name, and start writing code (you can also optionally assign one more devices to your new model at the same time!)

  2. Code rollups now persist between sessions (through local storage, i.e. - on the same computer in the same browser). This means that when you rollup some code you don’t want to look at anymore (like the Twitter Class), it will stay rolled up and out of sight.

Here’s the blog post about it with links to the release notes, etc.

Thanks IDE team, this is a big help. I’ll also take this opportunity to recommend to others in the forum that they listen to the two interviews that have been posted under media coverage on They’re very informative. I was certainly curious as to why Squirrel was selected over Lua, given the paucity of implementations and documentation.