I2c.readerror() method doesn't exist

I attempted to use the i2c.readerror() method after running a i2c.read(…) command that returned a null, but I get the following error:

[Device] ERROR: the index ‘readerror’ does not exist


The readerror() function is available in release30 and onwards (release 30 is currently in a semi-closed beta… if you haven’t given Hugo your MAC Address, you aren’t on release 30).

If you look at the “Availability” section on that page, it lists release 30 - the availability section of the API docs is a useful snippet to know about :slight_smile:

Availability: device (from release 30)

Is it possible to get updates like this automatically or even an email when a new version is released?

Moving forward, we’ll be using our Developer Newsletter to send out information about major releases. There is a signup link for the newsletter on the right side of the community site: