I2c multi byte read DIRECTLY into specific blob!

I am trying to read multiple bytes (192 from FIFO buffer) during an interrupt handler routine for the Hannah lis3dh accelerometer.

Currently I am forced to read the bytes into a buffer allocated (and returned) by the i2c.read function and then copying the bytes into pre-allocated blob afterwards. It works “OK” for most uses except when the ODR (Output Data Rate) is 100Hz or more.

What would help hugely is if there is a way to specify the destination buffer to the i2c.read function and hence avoid the additional copying overhead.

Am I missing something somewhere, either in the Squirrel language and i2c.read documentation?
Am I the only one that have a need for this?

All help appreciated?

There’s no way to do this right now, but it’s on the list (along with the same for serial, SPI, etc).

Is this available now?