I see that the IMP002 is no longer availabe


The IMP002-S-US-TR is no longer available. What is the difference between that module and the IMP002-S-EU? Will the IMP002-S-EU work in the US (for hobbyist)?


Also, I see this IMP003 is cheaper. But I read something about licensing. What does this mean? and how does this affect the hobbyist? Will hobbyist be able to buy a few pieces of the IMP003 from say a distributor and use it will no problems like the IMP002 did? Or do they have to buy some kind of license to make this work?

imp001/002 included the commercial OS license cost, as they were built & sold by us directly. On imp003 and later, they come direct from Murata so commercial users pay both the service fees and a one-off license fee.

If you’re using these for development, there’s no license cost - you just apply power and it’s an imp.

imp002-s-eu will work in the US, but it’s capable of transmitting on ch12 and ch13, which are not legal in the US. In a commercial imp product, you can set the countrycode - and if you set US then imp002-s-eu behaves identically to an imp002-s-us.

Plenty of devkits are capable of transmitting on ch1-13 and beyond. It wouldn’t affect development use - you’d need an access point on ch12 or ch13 (which should be pretty rare in the US!) for this to even start to be a problem.