HTTP vs HTTPS support on electric imp?

I was checking the HTTP on imp and some examples are connecting to http:// URLs…
but checking:

implementation, it looks like HTTP and HTTPS will be the same.

Is imp really support HTTPS?
If not, what will happen when use a HTTPS URL ?

Both the HTTP object, and the HTTPPlus class can send both HTTP and HTTPS message.

Simply include https in the url and the agent will take care of the rest :slight_smile:

…and you can check for HTTPS inbound requests by looking in the headers (ie, check that it is actually secure, and return an error for HTTP requests if you want).

I dont have a electric imp to do tests.
Does Electric Imp supports HTTPS ?
I dont know much about HTTP, but, I supose HTTPS envolves (or not?) SSL/TLS. I do believe that HTTPS is a very huge protocol (I mean: SSL/TLS) to be supported totaly by this simples device.
So, what is the HTTPS that electric imp supports?

What’s going on, is that when you develop for the imp, you actually write two little programs – one which runs on the imp itself, and another, called the agent, which runs in our cloud service. All the imp does is talk over a single TLS channel to the agent, and then it’s the agent which can talk HTTPS to other servers on the imp’s behalf. Likewise, the agent can service HTTPS requests if required, passing on any necessary information to the imp over our secure channel.

Because the imp only ever connects to our own servers, it can use a cut-down (but still secure) TLS implementation: only one cipher-suite, for instance. The agent uses a more complete HTTPS implementation and can talk to any HTTPS server or client.


That is very clear now. Thanks Peter!