HTTP Request timeouts --> Program termination?

I have a program in which I use a periodic HTTP Request to return JSON data from my server. The program runs as fine, typically for hours, and then randomly terminates. At that point I’ll note an ETIMEDOUT status (vs. the typical 200 response) on the HTTP Request node of the planner, suggesting to me that the termination is perhaps linked to an occasional problem getting an expected response from the server. (I’m not sure if the termination is due to something within my code, or perhaps due to a behavior inherent to the HTTP Request vimp). I’d appreciate if anyone has any comments or guidance on how I might track this down. Thanks.

Can you detail “randomly terminates” a bit more? What does the imp’s log say?

I note nothing in the log Hugo (save what I send to it via various server.log( ) statements within my program). Please let me know if I am overlooking any logging that I may be unaware of or not using related to the Imp device itself (vs. the server).

I also sent you an e-mail with more detail on what I’m doing and note, as well as some log details. Thanks.