Is there a way to code HTTP IN/OUT calls in my code rather than having to add a node and then connect the various bits and pieces in the planner. I’m investigating the possibility of doing all my development outside the ‘planner’


There is, and it’s going into closed beta this coming week. When it’s had the big bugs shaken out it’ll be available to everyone.

Basically, every imp has a server-side counterpart (also in squirrel) called an agent. Whereas the imp offers hardware APIs, the agent offers HTTP APIs. Imps and agents can exchange data freely, and both are edited in the new IDE.

Do you have a rough estimate of when this will become available?

Additionally, how do you participate in the beta program.


Hopefully it’ll be available to everyone in a month or so; some of it depends on how many bugs the beta testers find :slight_smile:

The beta group is picked from both commercial users and forum users; sorry, it’s not something you can request to join at this stage.

Thanks once again Hugo