HTTP 418: Still just a joke?

With the Imp allowing all kinds of devices to connect to the Internet, possibly including tea and coffee pots, is it acceptable for HTTP error 418 (I’m a teapot) to be seen IRL? Would it be strictly reserved for equipment implementing HTCPCP?

I’m actually wondering what would be the best error code for the agent to return, for requests it doesn’t deal with because it’s controlling an embedded device / a particular embedded device.

We’ve joked about what would be involved in a proper HTCPCP implementation (quite a bit because of GET) - although I’ve definitely put 418 status codes in a couple projects!

In reality, 404 NOT FOUND still makes a lot of sense. HTTP requests made to devices are still doing the same fundamental thing as HTTP requests made to servers - taking action on some kind of resource. If that resource doesn’t exist, 404 NOT FOUND is the proper response.