Does anyone know if there are plans for creating an HTML5 blink up version? I am preparing a product that’ll be available as a web app but I’d be missing the initial configuration part. Or, what could I use?


We have one, but performance varies a lot with monitors. Phones are a lot brighter.

Plus, you need to convince people to type their wifi details into a web app, which - even though the data does not need to be sent to a remote server - is harder to do.

Thanks Hugo, sounds reasonable. On a similar topic, is it possible to have access to the blinkup library? If html5 is not an option, I will have to start working on native versions for my service and I’ll have to include a section to configure my client’s imps. Is it possible to start testing integration within my native apps? Right now, it is only iOS and android, right? I usually develop either on titanium or rubymotion and I need to test if integration is a show stopper or not so I decide from the start if I use my usual weapons of choice or do I go the ObjC/Java way.

You get access to the library with the service agreement; that doesn’t mean you need to start buying service, but you need to agree to the service contract, etc. Email for more detail.

Thanks! I just sent an email to Peter about it.