HTML post multiple button

How can I see wich button was pressed when my Agent have multiple button in a html page

          <button class='bt btn-lg btn-default' type='submit' name='Applybutton'  >Apply   </button>
          <button class='btn-sm btn-primary' type='submit' name='See advanced ' >Advanced config</button>
          <button class='btn-sm btn-primary' type='submit' name='See trends '      >See trends</button>`

Are you doing the HTML within the agent, or an external website?

First of all, the form tag will have method=‘POST’ and no ‘action’, so it will be posting to itself. See this example:

You’ve given the submit buttons names, but you will also have to give them values. I suggest you don’t use spaces.

<button class='btn-sm btn-primary' type='submit' name='advanced' value='1' >Advanced config</button>

Yes, all code run within the agent.

Sorry, I use to be an assembly and C programmer, I dont really know much about HTML code…i’m learning it :wink:

Let us know if the link I showed you answers your questions about agent html. It’s a nice example of how it is done.

Yeah, the link is perfect! I now have an agent that create html page on demand with a 10 buttons navigation for 10 differents pages.

I want to use a variable to configure the color of the background of my site…is that possible :

`header {

So the color #0x99ccff would be integrated into a variable

What makes the background change color? Loading different pages, clicking something?

When the page load, based on a variable, i Want the color to change