HTML method POST problem

Hello everyone:
This is my first post, and I am newbie in HTML and Imp.
To learn a little of both, I’m proving the WebControl and WebResponse Sparkfun examples (
When I send data from HTML to Imp, run the POST method in HTML, in the Agent code works fine, but the website redirects to my Agend Link and says OK. Correct.
If I don’t want to lose my HMTL page, how can I use the POST method? Or I can redirect by Agent code?
And if it’s not possible, I think a good solution would be to write the HTML code in the code Agend (as Snackbot example), but in this case, what I do to make it a file that I can run from any computer?
Sorry if the questions are very basic, but I repeat I’m a newbie.
Thank you very much for your help, and I hope my questions can help others.

@Enric The Snackbot code is a good example of what you want to do. You are sending a request to the agent, and it responds with HTML. You don’t need anything else to execute this from your computer, just browse to your agent URL in your browser. I have used this for a number of web controls, and it is easy to use jQuery and other libraries to create controls on your agent hosted page.

Here is example code with jQuery sliders being used for a color picker.

There are two very important pieces here: First, make sure you are using quotation marks properly in your code, and second, if you use a CDN for jQuery or CSS, make sure the links are all either HTTP or HTTPS. Don’t mix them.

…but first read through this fantastic piece that @smittytone just posted.

@MakeDeck Thank you very much for your prompt response. “just browse to your agent URL in your browser” Very simple and it was difficult to see… #:-S