How to mount april board in box

How have you guys mounted the april board in a box? I have the box. I have the april. I have the imp. How did you guys mount this inside the box?

Double sided tape?

I got a box with some guides in, then cut a protoboard to size and soldered the April board to it. The distance from the edge to the board ended up perfect so the Impee is flat with the surface of the box. :slight_smile:

I found a tiny ABS enclosure and used 2 layers of double sided foam tape. The LED is arranged to line up with a hole in the side. In the lid of the box I put a couple more layers of the foam tape but did not remove the protective paper. The imp is now sandwiched when the lid is on.

I wanted to get a clear “dummy” LED made using a 3D printer service to fit in the hole so from the outside it would look like a clear LED but no luck.

I used a 3 wire interface, power and serial data from the imp to an 1/8" jack