How to know my data traffic

I still feel that if we use the intelligence of the device to reduce traffic unless there is a change to report, we also give the agent a way to tell if its device is quiet because nothing has changed or because it has got stuck or died. Perhaps a message every 10 minutes to say “I am alive and nothing has changed”?

@DrJack Yes, absolutely. I think you will find that in your agent code you can use device.ondisconnect() to establish a handler that will be called after 5 or so minutes of no contact with the device. You can, of course, write your own heartbeat arrangement that keeps in regular contact.

the various onconnect or ondisconnect events weren’t very reliable the last time I used them (knowing that there’s only an infrequent update of once per minute or so) so we use our own heartbeat mechanism. Has that improved in the meantime ? Would be better if we could just rely on that.